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Software Development

In the Software Development Sector, we are focusing on Game Software Development, Robotics,Big data and AI especially for Japan market. We have already started Japanese Language Course for our Engineers so that we can overcome the Barrier of Japanese Language and present the Technical potentials of Bangladesh to Japan Market more effectively and aggressively.

Mi-Fi Pocket Router & CPE


Carrier Wi-Fi Solution


Our end-to-end product portfolio includes a full range of Access Points (AP), centralized Access Controller and Multi-Service Gateway (MSG), and Intelligent Services & Management (ISM) platform - Wireless Network Management System, a Services Controller for managing users and billing, and Integrated Service App Modules that can help operators monetize subscribers and users. Our next-gen carrier-grade Smart Wi-Fi solutions address the rapidly growing bandwidth demands of our mobile Internet world. Our product solution delivers greater broadband coverage, superior quality of experience for users, and central services management through a scalable controller architecture.  It integrates seamlessly into the core mobile network at a fraction of the cost of traditional cellular equipment. Our products are used worldwide by leading carriers, including in the world’s largest LTE+Wi-Fi deployment, helping a major carrier manage over 400,000 access points in Japan.